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I would like to contribute to Blueprint for Oklahoma’s Future, a nonprofit organization under §501 of the Internal Revenue Code promoting free enterprise, limited government, economic growth and traditional values. Blueprint for Oklahoma’s Future is not registered or acting as a political committee under federal election law or any state or local election law. It may in limited cases engage in political activity consistent with applicable laws and IRS regulations by making independent expenditures and/or electioneering communications, but not to the extent such activity could be considered its primary purpose.
Contributions to Blueprint for Oklahoma's Future are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from foreign nationals or entities will not be accepted.

There are no limits on the amounts that may be contributed to Blueprint for Oklahoma’s Future by an individual, corporation, union, or trade association. Contributions of $5,000 or more will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on IRS Form 990 as required by law; however, the IRS does not make this information public. Blueprint for Oklahoma’s Future’s policy is not to disclose its donors to the general public.

Blueprint for Oklahoma’s Future do not count against an individual’s contribution limits under the Federal Election Campaign Act, as amended.

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